Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 31st

This is the outfit I'm wearing to bring in 2012!
Floral Printed Shirt-Garagé
High Waisted Dark Skinny Jeans-Urban Planet (Yes, the ones I got yesterday-didn't wait to wear them)
Unseen: Thin Pink Belt-Urban Planet

Looks like this:

So happy new year everyone, and I might not get my outfit up tomorrow until later since I'm spending the night at a friends.


Urban Planet

Urban Planet-Wool Blend Jacket

Friday, December 30, 2011

Winter Outfit

Winter Outfit

True Religion skinny fit jeans
$270 -

Longchamp travel tote
$125 -

Gold bangle

Heart necklace

Aymara cable knit beanie
€154 -

Alexander McQueen

So fortunately/unfortunately I'm in love with Alexander McQueen... will I ever be able to afford this outfit-probably not.

I'm still trying to decide if this post breaks my blog's theme of "low fashion" (basically not the runway things people would never wear) I mean... If I had about 9000 dollars to spend on an outfit-I would totally buy this. Haven't decided yet if this counts... tell me what you think?Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen chiffon dress

Alexander McQueen wool coat
£966 -

Alexander McQueen red clutch
£960 -

Alexander mcqueen scarve
£295 -

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

J Crew turtleneck shirt
$70 -

Lanvin ankle length skirt
$1,549 -

Shimmering flat
$28 -

Marni leather shoulder handbag
£665 -

Marc jacobs necklace

Kaiser Background clear stamp Flourish
3.99 AUD -


I went shopping today and got 2 new jeans and 4 headbands :) One of them are like middle range blue, low rise, and I got the PERFECT jeans that I didn't even know existed. High-waisted, dark, skinny. I always found they were lighter in color-I'm so happy!

They'll definitely be in outfits over the next couple of days.


December 30th


This time of year is so draining on my wardrobe. I'm a girl who LOVES summer, so I hardly buy "winter clothes"(living in Toronto... I really should). If it wasn't snowing, I would be wearing something TOTALLY different (for one-the maxi skirt I bought on Boxing Day [full price...]) but this is about it. I'm going shopping, so nothing too extravvagant.

Black Oversized Shirt-Urban Planet
Light Blue Jeans-Limité

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Spark Of Gold

all black-all lovely

can I just wear this every day?

Girl With the fiery heart

Girl With the fiery heart

Plus size prom dress
$170 -

Platform high heels

Anya Hindmarch gold glitter clutch
$578 -

LORD TAYLOR diamond necklace
$775 -

Hot Topic

Hot Topic Floral Lined Combat Boot
(it's a gif where you can see the entire boot, but blogger is being a whore-so open the picture in another window)


Topshop Navy Velvet Heart Back Dress

Topshop Cable Knit Sleeve Biker

Topshop Velvet Skater
Dreamhost coupons