Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's All So Bright!

I'm not one to pay attention to fashion trends much, but this one I can't ignore. From the "pair orange with something subtle" to the spread in the latest US Weekly on "Bright, Bold Coats" I have to comment.

I'm not one to wear overly bright things. Take a look in my closet, it's mostly blacks and subtle "blend in" colors (no brown though-eew) but through my CONSTANT style rediscovery, I'm starting to appreciate things like the bright pink shirt with black leggings. Some of the things in the US spread that caught my attention were:

Fiesta Purple Majestic Peacoat-J Crew

Gucci Resort Jacket

Royal Blue Jacket by Ted Baker (worn by the beautiful Pippa Middleton I might add)
I would be so happy and grateful if I could own any of these.

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