Monday, January 9, 2012


So I went to a movie with my friend today-Young Adult. DON'T SEE IT! The movie has no plot, and the entire time I was like "wtf is this shit wtf is this shit." Thank god I used free movie passes to pay for the tickets, or I would have been so pissed.

Back to the point. We left the movie theater kind of annoyed that we wasted our life, when we passed Costa Blanca. "Let's go in" she says. They're having a MASSIVE sale, and long story short, I got a black top with velvet bows on the sleeves and fishnet tights for what... 8 dollars! :O

So that was great.

But I've got another point, and since I go back to school tomorrow, now's a good time. I forgot about the fact that I go to private school when I made this blog so... I wear a uniform. Really not even worth posting since it's the same everyday.

So I can only post on weekends and grub days (no uniform). But I'll still post the other stuff :)


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